Recent Random Project #1

This is the first post for a new journal-specific project of mine—the Recent Random Project, Project. For this project I will design and shoot a random project, specifically for my Journal. These projects will not only be a continual stream of new material for the site, but they also will serve as an avenue for me to work with concepts, material, or techniques that I am currently interested in and thinking about. 

This first project is an exercise in in-camera, digital double exposures. Both of my digital cameras (a Fuji X-Pro1 and a Canon 6D) have a built in function to serve this purpose, though I have rarely ever made the time to utilize it. On a nighttime walk, recently, I decided to create compositions in double exposures from the various sights I passed that night. These are the resulting images. 

The very last one that I made was the only one that I decided to make in color, all the rest were shot originally in black and white—which is to say, they are not conversions and no color file exists. Please enjoy.

My Deer Pictures, Introduction

          I’d like to introduce a project that I’ve been working on, off-and-on, for over two years now, My Deer Pictures. The project involves interacting with and photographing the deer in Lithia Park at night. Each post in my journal about the project will feature musings and updates.

See more of the images from this project by clicking this entire sentence. 

          I always make a point of leaving my watch at home. This decision is two-fold: for starters, I don't necessarily need to remind myself of the fact that I am jaunting about in the dark, well past midnight; more importantly, I don't want a reminder of time and how we as humans experience it—in fact, sometimes I feel like I go out and work on this project to escape the ever-present sense of time that our society knows all too well.