Recent Random Project #4

Last night there was a need for me and my partner to make a quick trip to campus around 10pm. Instead of driving we opted to walk the short distance to enjoy the night. I decided to bring my 6D in case any photographic opportunities presented themselves. Along the way I began to position myself along a specific trajectory so that I would create compositions of color, shape, light, etc. with my eyes. Giving myself in to this impetus, I decided to do a microproject of found compositions. 

This project is purely about photographic vision. By this I mean the requisite process of seeing and recognizing that our bodies do thanks to the interplay of biological optics and our perceiving mental processes. 

I've included the images in the sequence that they were made in. Night walks are rather fantastic on their own, but adding a hunt for found compositions seems to make for all the more exciting experiences for me.