Recent Random Project #1

This is the first post for a new journal-specific project of mine—the Recent Random Project, Project. For this project I will design and shoot a random project, specifically for my Journal. These projects will not only be a continual stream of new material for the site, but they also will serve as an avenue for me to work with concepts, material, or techniques that I am currently interested in and thinking about. 

This first project is an exercise in in-camera, digital double exposures. Both of my digital cameras (a Fuji X-Pro1 and a Canon 6D) have a built in function to serve this purpose, though I have rarely ever made the time to utilize it. On a nighttime walk, recently, I decided to create compositions in double exposures from the various sights I passed that night. These are the resulting images. 

The very last one that I made was the only one that I decided to make in color, all the rest were shot originally in black and white—which is to say, they are not conversions and no color file exists. Please enjoy.