Deer Memories
2012-Present (Ongoing)

When I used to sneak out at night as a teenager I always had to find a deer. The one time I got caught was on a night when I didn't see a deer, so after that my main and primary directive was to seek out a deer as soon as possible; after that, the night was mine. 

This series began to transpire after I'd moved back home from Seattle at the age of 25; I was seeking to reconnect with my hometown after more than four years away. Right before I'd moved away to Seattle Lithia Park had become a central component of my daily Ashland life. I lived a block from downtown and would often stroll over to the park at any and all hours of the day or night for reflection, silence, solace, etc. It only makes sense, then, that when I returned home Lithia still called to me . . . or perhaps me to it. 

Along the way this project has taken on multiple different characteristics: a regular photographic practice in a challenging lighting situation and with challenging subjects, a metaphor for the practice of photography in general, a study of a displaced demographic within an unnatural and alien context, and a search for the lost magic of youth—of carefree nights wandering around a dark and quiet town with only the deer as company.